LED chip price increases ten percent domestic LED color TV dilemma

by:GKGD     2020-05-06
'The LED chip prices rose more than ten percent at least, recently estimated before the first quarter of next year, the status of the LED chip shortage are difficult to alleviate. 'Domestic LED back light LED ruifeng photoelectric Gong Weibin recently in guangzhou lighting fair, general manager of the' first financial daily 'said that at present the LED chip gap as high as seventy percent, Switzerland abundant photoelectric now takes about 10 million LED chip, but it can get the supply of only 3 million or so. 'LED light source costs LED TV sets total was 10% ~ 15% of the total cost. 'Gong Weibin points out. In under the background of shortage of the LED chip and chip prices, LED TV prices rise this year is still not up? 'In early June, 46 inch LED TV skyworth just will cut the price of 1000 yuan. 'Skyworth, general manager of guangdong branch zhi-feng zhong said that although the LED chip price increases, but it is difficult to judge the LED TV prices in the second half of this year, estimates that in the second half of this year the price of the LED TV will be leveled off. Switzerland abundant photoelectric LED back light source device mainly provided to the konka, skyworth, hisense, and changhong domestic color TV manufacturers. In Gong Weibin view, because the domestic color TV manufacturers such as samsung and LG has more stable upstream resources, short shipment status in the LED chip, also can get the stable supply of LED chip. Therefore, in the second half of this year, samsung and LG is likely to provoke again small LED TV price war, 'estimates that foreign LED TV prices to fall about ten percent. 'While some second-line domestic color TV brand may sacrifice their own gross margin, in LED TV grab more market share. Nanjing cec panda home appliance company deputy general manager Zhou Kun revealed that nanjing cec panda home appliance company is about to launch LED universal turmoil, ready to 32 inch LED TV pull in $2000 below the mark. A conservative estimate 'LED TV in more than 30% of gross margin space, the domestic color TV manufacturers will quite likely be LED TV product gross margin to 20% or so, carry out more promotional price reduction activities. 'Guangzhou gome a mid-ranking points out, because the World Cup is being held in South Africa, and the coming of the guangzhou Asian games, color TV manufacturers nature will not miss this promotion opportunity. Tsinghua tongfang is also domestic second-tier brands cuhk LED TV brand enterprise. 'At present, tsinghua tongfang has mastered the core advantage of LED industry chain, on the LED backlight module technology, has reached the international advanced level. 'Tsinghua tongfang co. , LTD. , vice President of Wang Lianghai said,' compared with domestic a line of color TV brand, tsinghua tongfang is brand and marketing. 'While tsinghua tongfang poaching sharp business ( China) Co. , LTD. , home appliance the department deputy general manager liu wei. Actually, domestic second-tier color TV brand is so value is the root cause of LED TV, LED TV to will become the mainstream of color television market next year, if not beat the layout, it is difficult to get a place in the future market competition. 'As the panel manufacturer is open and the capacity of the new generation of MOCVD ( The LED chip production equipment) After equipment installation and debugging, LED TV penetration will rise from 37% this year to 80% in 2011. 'Gong Weibin, said to the second quarter of next year, the LED chip shortage situation will ease, the price of the LED back light module space above thirty percent,' if you count the panel supply situation, after the first quarter of next year, the LED TV pricing space at least more than twenty percent of the machine. ”
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