LED display 72 only you wonderful surprise

by:GKGD     2020-04-23
About LED display, the brain will emerge? Is a boxy display technology, visual effect is good, or spherical screen, circular screen ideas such as screen? All this is true, but in this era of every moment is protean, LED display, of course, not only the form, 72 changes have been made, it's no can't do, only believe. Did you run today? Recently, Nike is in really has flourished in the display industry, because it's a wonderful marketing make full color LED display a new height, stunning the world. In order to promote Nike running shoes LunarEpic series, built a stadium in Manila. Has a 200 - meter runway, with thousands of LED screen, running the product experience and service together, from a height overlooking, the stadium is a gigantic sneaker sites. Participation mechanism looks something like this: runners set yourself one lap of the target before departure time, and then put sensors on their own Nike shoes. When you open your running program, LED a virtual rivals will appear on the screen, it will be according to your actual speed and the expected target time to adjust, let you can catch it to realize your running program. With this kind of cool full color LED display company, running also more motivated and fun, don't know when will come to China? Sports shoes + LED to cool down the fashion design, a start-up companies in the United States 'LED sneakers,' through curve LED screen, not only can change the instep appearance, also can be combined with wireless transmission and APP, want to make shoes in any design, even the pictures of your dog can use pixel style appeared in the shoe. For VR or AR at the game, and even help you grasp the 'treasure can dream'! Want to be famous, to early; Want to fashion, this LED shoes is absolutely web celebrity standard! Paper and leds can turn out to be such a love of Idaho a startup Rohinni gives us a unique LED display: light-emitting diodes (leds) to print on paper to make paper LED lights. Concrete is to put the ink and as big as red blood cells of light-emitting diodes (leds) factor ( LEDs) Mixed together, printed on a thin layer of conductive layer, with two layers of conduction and sealed caught in the middle layer. Objects will be light, and light and LED the life of the same long, for 20 years, and the light of the print is not necessarily a layer of constant, through the programming to control its effects. Paper = screen! Then we book in his hand is not a screen? Alternately in traditional roam, and fashion in the science and technology, and put the collision or so field. How to don't let a person enchanted?
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