LED display a great effect on the transportation industry

by:GKGD     2020-04-07
Highway bus driving speed is very fast, both have speeding, take up the emergency lanes and cart to take up and illegal behaviors, such as small lanes, warning work by the bar LED display row will come in handy, for illegal, illegal traffic actors to play out 'criticized' play a important role to reduce accident. Yesterday morning, into cotton high speed light rain. Into continous highway in the control room, the staff are busy for each monitor screen. 'Have a car in the direction of mianyang lorries, take up the left side of the lane for a long time, he was with a long line of cars behind. 'The staff said, closer to the picture, the license for the trucks ji AB74 * *, ji A truck on the right side of the lane, and in the normal driving A big truck. The two big truck a left a right, to the back of the car all the way down. It was raining at the time, in the back of the car have emergency reduction, quite dangerous. Soon, the staff through the computer control room, to the direction of the highway to mianyang electronic display screen, with one line: 'ji AB74 * * big truck driving on the right, please. 'This shows that the line of sight in rainy day bad led display yellow signs play a warning role. According to statistics, every day there are more than 20 cars by electronic display such 'informed criticism'. Been reported as of yesterday, the number has more than 1000 vehicles. Beware not only criticism received digital ticket a few days ago, chengdu citizens, Monsieur via a continous high speed saw his license plate appeared on the highway electronic display screen: 'sichuan A79E * * car speeding, please slow down. 'At that time, Mr Lane thought just such a reminder, still speeding. Didn't think a few days later, he received a digital tickets. 'Early know or should listen. 'He wistfully about his' suffering '. Yesterday, reporter in an interview in continous expressway from mianyang returned to chengdu driver Mr. Li. He said: 'I've seen the way electronic display remind speeding, strong-arming traffic law, etc. I never broke, but I saw the screen above to remind others, as thought he would have illegal behavior. The slowdown is slowing down. 'Said front text color know any dangerous Lu Feng, continous expressway is one of the largest highway traffic in the province, is now in the maintenance construction. Should he remind drivers, highway road, please don't for a long time to take up large van passing lane. Passenger car on the road, in case of a large truck ahead takes up the passing lane, please use in distance light horns and remind the driver ahead to surplus lane, at the same time, please don't try so hard, waiting for the big truck after overtaking a lane change, please do not overtake on the right. It is reported that this year the part with LED display, the produce to assist law enforcement, Lu Feng said: 'a lot of good traffic order, due to the high-speed traffic police can only use off-site enforcement, when a lot of propaganda, the need to police are often traffic throat dumb, opposite the driveway car to drive away, but one type of LED display screen warnings, the driver will immediately correct illegal behavior. 'In a continous high-speed districts with 12 full-color LED display, green font assured warn broad drivers, yellow alert the driver, there may be danger happening red font to remind the driver in front.
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