Led display all kinds of chroma processing techniques

by:GKGD     2020-04-24
all kinds of chroma processing techniques, today say four lianchuang xin also well with everybody. The deployment of a, white field color coordinate: white field color coordinate mixing is one of the most basic techniques of full color screen. But in the mid - 90 - s of the 20th century, due to lack of industry standards and the basic means of testing, usually just by eye, by feeling sure white color coordinates, thus causing serious partial color and white color temperature of randomness. With the promulgation of the industry standard and testing means complete, many manufacturers began to standardize the full color matching process. But there are some manufacturers because of the lack of color theory instruction, often at the expense of some primary grey scale to allocate the color coordinates, comprehensive performance cannot be improved. From what has been discussed above, we mainly discuss the problems of three aspects: 1, how to improve the uniformity of the chroma; 2, how to expand the color gamut, restore more natural colors; 3, how to improve the color of the reduction degree; Line walks of life has a very wide range of applications, and applications in different places gezer wavelength has different requirements for the LED, LED gezer wavelength selection for some of them are in order to achieve good visual effects, some of them are in order to comply with the habits of people, and some is the industry standard, national standard, and even the rules of the international standard. The foregoing chroma processing technology in the concrete implementation, are interrelated, some ways and even do not have your cake and eat it. Comprehensive must also brightness uniformity correction, gray nonlinear transform, noise reduction processing, image enhancement processing, dynamic pixel processing, etc. , the whole process of signal processing is very complicated. Therefore, we must from the perspective of system to integrated balance of various performance, grasp the order of the various processing, and increase the depth of the signal processing, and to make the full color LED display screen to show a colorful, colorful world of good. In full color , for example, green tube gezer wavelength choice; Early generally choose the wavelength of 570 nm yellow-green LED, although the cost is low, but the display color gamut smaller, poor color reduction degree, low brightness. In choosing a wavelength of 525 nm, pure green tube display color gamut expanded nearly doubled, and the color reduction degree is greatly increased, greatly improve the visual effect of the display screen. Color more than 2, 3 + 2 primary processing method is: in recent years, in the field of flat display keen to discuss 3 + 3 more gezer display ( Red, green, blue and yellow, green, purple) To expand the color gamut, reappear more abundant in nature. So, can achieve 3 + 3 more gezer display? We know that in the visible light range, yellow, green for the monochromatic light, we have high saturation of yellow and blue leds. And purple for complex color, single chip purple LED is not exist. Although we can't realize the red, green, blue and yellow, green, purple 3 + 3 color . However, the red, green, blue and yellow, and green 3 + 2 color is more feasible. Due to the nature exist a large number of high saturation of yellow and blue; Therefore, the study has a certain value. In the present standard all kinds of TV, video source only red, green and blue three colors, without yellow, and green two color. Display terminal, then, yellow, and green two color how to drive? In fact, when determining the yellow, and green two primary drive strength; We follow the following three principles: 1, increase the yellow, blue two primary purpose is to enlarge the color gamut, thus improve the color saturation. But can't change the overall brightness value; 2, while improve the color saturation, can not change color; 3, D65 centered; To RYGCB color gamut boundary for the endpoint, at various points in the color gamut range for linear expansion. Under the guidance of the above three principles: according to the laws of gravity center, we can find the color more than 3 + 2 primary processing method. However, to truly realize the 3 + 2 more gezer, full color, we have to overcome the lack of yellow, blue LED brightness; The rising cost of bigger difficulties, such as at present only in theory. Three, chroma uniformity processing: full color chroma uniformity problem is always a difficulty of the personage inside course of study, it is generally believed the led brightness non-uniformity of single point calibration can be done, to improve the brightness uniformity. And chromaticity uneven cannot be calibrated, only by subdividing the LED color coordinates and selection to improve. 【 .
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