Led display and liquid crystal display screen on the display effect what difference is there?

by:GKGD     2020-07-04

in our daily life, always hear the and LCD screens. The two display what are the strengths and weaknesses? What kind of display mode is more suitable for us?

a, using a light source is not the same as

night view displays using CCFL light source, is using a light emitting diode as light source. The service life of the CCFL light source co. , LTD. At the same time, use for a period of time after the light will be uneven, the screen for a long time will be yellow.

using light emitting diode is little diode array composed of light source, its brightness is higher, longer life than CCFL light source. The traditional includes display module, control system, power supply system of three parts. Not only such, its service life than CCFL time long, also won't appear yellow phenomenon.

is not the same as the second, the using range of the two

because of its excellent service life, widely used in outdoor display screen. We walk on the railway station, the airport to see the vast majority are LED display screen. And LCD image more clear, so is widely used in television or computer screen.

three, how to distinguish between the and liquid crystal display screen

in our daily life, many people are easy to get mixed up LCD display screen and . So how to distinguish the similarities and differences? The is mainly red, green and blue three colors to display images and text. And liquid crystal display can be full screen image, image more rich and colorful.

actually and a liquid crystal display each have their own advantages and disadvantages, modern factory combine these two technologies are being used together, formed a low-power, small volume of a new generation of display screen.

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