Led display anti-static work in winter

by:GKGD     2020-04-17
Winter exhibition anti-static work how to see? What are the anti-static work? We understand this content together. A, electrostatic discharge ( ESD) Preparedness to minimize electrostatic damage to the full color LED display, demand from manufacturers, distributors and customers in the process of produce, transport and use ESD20 strict execution. 20 specifications. In producing static electricity through a wire connection directly to drain on the earth, that is the most direct way to anti-static most useful. 1, produce DuanJing electric preparedness? The use of electrostatic sensitive circuits personnel for static knowledge and related skills training. In the process of produce, requirement worker must wear grounding electrostatic bracelet. Especially in the feet, plug-in, after debugging and welding process, and supervision, the quality of personnel must be at least once every two hours to do the bracelet static test, test record. When welding, soldering iron should be used as antistatic low constant temperature soldering iron, and maintain a good grounding resistance. In the process of assembly, as far as possible, using a grounding line of the low voltage dc electric screwdriver ( Commonly known as electric group) 。 Ensure that produce pull machine, glue machine, aging aircraft and other useful grounded. Requirements production environment do laying copper grounding, such as floors, walls, and ceiling, etc. , some occasions should use antistatic material. In daily operation, full color LED display products should be always stored in the anti-static bag or container. 2, shipping DuanJing electrical guard against delivery, delivery vehicles keep grounding, box or other device with a conductive disruption or delay. Touch LED products, the correct way to take, not to direct touch touch PCB and electronic components on it. 3, customer DuanJing electricity guard against customer and engineering when the device screen, also need to be strict in accordance with the anti-static operation, without protection method under the condition of not directly touch the product at the center of the electronic parts. The device screen useful grounding in steel structure of the night, and the screen body static electricity into the ground.
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