LED display calibration technology will be promoted

by:GKGD     2020-04-23
At present, the manufacture of the LED display number is more, its technology is relatively mature. Companies manufacture the LED display of the structure and principle of basic similar, how to improve the technical performance of the display, to reduce the cost is the key to the enterprise competition. Now, the price of the LED display that sells on the market basically the same, but the quality of enterprises of different display different, its reason is various, including the quality of the full color LED display module, brightness, brightness uniformity, encapsulation technology, data communication mode, and the anti-jamming ability of the differences and the difference of control circuit, and the correction of LED display technology can effectively help enterprises to solve these problems. Currently USES full color LED display calibration technology companies are still less, but as the industry there is an increasing demand for high quality screen, LED display calibration technology will get a promotion, and eventually become one of the key technologies to ensure quality. Founded in the early ninety s, are relatively mature in technology, will continue to lead the full color LED display industry to develop in the direction of higher technical performance!
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