LED display cleaning methods

by:GKGD     2020-04-04
LED electronic display screen in operation after a certain period of time will have dust effects such as display debris piled up, so you need to drop the LED electronic display screen cleaning cleaning. Led electronic display screen cleaning method introduces below way! LED display and cleaning, regular cleaning and maintenance full-color LED display, can prolong the service life of full-color LED display, improve the quality of the use of full-color LED display. LED display method of cleaning method: 1, the dust removal: that is blowing dust. Purging direction should be consistent, from left to right or from right to left. Using professional electric brush cleaning dust or dirt on the surface of the display module. When clearing pneumatic uniform cleaning brush level, according to the pollution degree and the fixed number of year of screen or aging can sweep over and over again. 2, cleaning: use the special cleaning solution onto the surface of the module of sprayer will conduct a preliminary cleaning. 3, secondary dust removal: use professional electric brush cleaning full-color LED display module dust again. Note: the need to change the brush. Brush can reuse but it must be clean, to avoid pollution again. 4, secondary cleaning: the special cleaning fluid onto the surface of the module to clean again, dust removal of secondary dedusting legacy. Depends on the screen surface traces of dirt, cleaning fluid and water, the proportion of the dirt of the few cases can be spraying with water, to keep the direction from top to bottom or consistent spraying from right to left. 5, blow dry: can dry naturally in no special circumstances, such as high humidity, low temperature dry the surface of the screen slowly need to blow dry. 6, repair: use the sprayer will be dedicated to repair homogeneous spraying liquid level to the screen surface to surface repair. In 7, air drying, temperature, humidity, wind speed, the suitable case can dry naturally. In case of large low temperature humidity can use air gun to blow dry air pressure are requested below 3 kg.
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