Led display common signal to understand! ! !

by:GKGD     2020-05-05
1. CLK: clock signal provided to shift pulse of the shift register, each pulse will cause data into or out of a. Data is the data on the mouth must be coordinated with the clock signal to transmit data properly, the frequency of the data signal must be 1/2 times the frequency of the clock signal. In any case, when the clock signal is abnormal, can make the whole chapter show mixed and disorderly. 2. STB latch signal: the data within the shift register to the latch, and the data content through the drive circuit light led display. But due to the driving circuit controlled by EN enable signal, the light must be made for the premise of open. Latch signal also need to coordinate with the clock signal to show the complete picture. In any case, when the latch signal is abnormal, will make the whole board shows that chaotic. 3. EN enabling signal: the whole screen brightness control signal, also used in led display blanking. As long as adjust its duty ratio can control the change of the brightness. When enabling signal is abnormal, the screen will be not bright, dark bright or trailing wait for a phenomenon. 4. Data signals: to provide a display image data that is needed. Must be coordinated with the clock signal to the data transmitted to any a display point. Usually red, green and blue in the display of data signal separation, if a short circuit to the positive or negative, the data signal is corresponding to the color will be completely bright or not bright, when the data signal is dangling correspond to the color of the display case. 5. ABCD line signal: only exists in dynamic scan showed, ABCD is A binary number, A is the lowest, if use binary representation ABCD signal control maximum range is 16 lines ( 1111). , 1/4 scan just AB signal, because is the scope of AB signal said 4 lines ( 11) 。 When the control signal is abnormal, the dislocation, highlighting or image will be displayed and overlapping phenomena.
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