LED display common use and usage scenario overview

by:GKGD     2020-04-28
1) Office, conference room. Because indoor LED display high-definition, no glare, super wide viewing Angle, the characteristics of many units, institutions, enterprises, schools, etc. , have chosen to use the LED display instead use projector, effectively avoid the formal meeting, the disadvantages of screen display effect is poor. This kind of indoor LED display, common types are P4 full-color LED display, P3 full-color LED display, P1. 667 full-color , etc. 2) Securities trading, financial information display. Need to display clear LED display stock exchanges, securities trading information display in real time, the last few years, the consumption group accounts for more than 50%, and due to the nature of the industry, more use of LED abnormity screen, large LED screen, etc. 3) Sports venue information display. LED display information display and live broadcast of the games as main method has replaced the traditional CRT displays, lighting and became a necessary in modern sports facilities. The colour light electric has made cooperation with guangdong provincial games, in the 15th annual provincial games, LED display for the organizers, obtain approval from all walks of life. 4) Mall shopping center, large shopping plaza, building walls and other services in the field of business promotion and information display. This kind of outdoor LED display lightning protection waterproof, suitable for outdoor scene, convenient passing timely understand the market dynamic. While inside the mall, the indoor LED display, showing the shop's activity information in a timely manner. 5) Advertising media of new products. Timeliness of LED display, more convenient, gaining the trust of more and more traditional media, media organizations can easily modify the contents of advertisements, and display style diversification, can display video, pictures, text, etc. 6) Production, assembly, sales promotion, the exhibition. LED rental screen is commonly used to replace the traditional media, LED rental screen convenient transportation, optional joining together, is suitable for use in a temporary scene. 7) Enterprise, unit, school and other publicity use. For government, enterprise procurement, to promote the government information, to show the school information, exhibition enterprise product information, such as display form diversification, available video, text, images, etc. , common models have a P4 indoor full-color LED display, indoor P3 full-color LED display, outdoor P5 full-color LED display, outdoor P10 full-color full color LED display. More than 7 categories for by far the most common indoor LED display, outdoor LED display, LED rental screen, LED abnormity screen usage scenarios, welcome customers to visit, click on the online consultation, cooperation with us detailed communication plan.
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