Led display control software development journey! Good enough

by:GKGD     2020-05-05
Led display as a still in the early stage of the developing of industry, form a complete set of control software is in a state of appropriating flowers - There is no uniform standard, with no clear direction. 'To spend gradually a charming eyes', this article from the perspective of professional control system manufacturer to talk about the incarnations of led display control software. A single PC, the control software version - The screen control V1. 0 at the beginning of the birth of led display, it is use as a large display, form a complete set of control system is equivalent to a graphics card. At this time of the control software, the most important function is to display parameter setting and matching, followed by a simple program editor. When the computer ( PC) As the only software debugging equipment, the use of computer software to control display become inevitable choice. Synchronization control system software and single and double color control card software are used the computer direct control of a screen. Is not hard to find, the software control method can only be close 'one-to-one' relationship, which a computer can only control one screen at the same time. In addition, due to the professionalism of the computer control software, only a few professionals to operate. If the operator or a computer for the replacement, screen, users often do. As the led display application more and more widely, centralized management, remote management and easy operation become more and more pressing needs. Second, the Internet PC version - Screen point 2. 0 asynchronous control system can be solved the led display of centralized management, remote management problem. This is because the asynchronous system send card integrated with embedded ARM processor chip, and ARM processor has a natural gene of the Internet. Control system manufacturers launched Internet solutions based on PC operation to achieve the remote display and centralized management, at the same time on the control software for a lot of work to simplify and optimize. Then the control software of center of gravity by the display parameter Settings to turn into a more concise and humanized program edit operation. Internet based on PC control software is divided into two kinds of technology architecture, known as the B/S architecture and C/S architecture. As you can see, at this time though the operation of the software has been major strides toward easy-to-use road, but the average user operation still difficult - After all, there are quite a few users may display even less skilled computer operation. More important, the computer is not easy to carry, give a lot of trouble project, is there a convenient and can be used anytime and anywhere? Third, the mobile Internet edition - Screen point 3. 0 based on mobile Internet version of the mobile phone software arises at the historic moment. The implementation scheme has the following kinds:
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