LED display efficient application, maintenance cleaning thoroughly

by:GKGD     2020-04-30
LED electronic display screen as indoor, outdoor display media, in use process, will inevitably because of pollution, loose, vibration, factors such as fever, temperature change is big LED display failure, thus affect the normal use of the display screen. Therefore, regular screen cleaning, maintenance, maintenance is essential. So what we do daily maintenance main? A, inspection, LED display circuit diagram are commonly use inspection system 'month', a large full color LED display maintenance 'weekly inspection system is implemented, the specific content of the maintenance and response speed commitment: 1, the LED display screen body maintenance, including bulb, module, the module, power supply, control card; 2, LED display control system maintenance, including controller, optical switch card, distributor, sending card; 3, LED display special operating software, contains the player software maintenance and upgrade; 4, on a regular basis ( C) once a month Technical personnel on-site inspection, inspection and maintenance for system; 5, major events: position the company technical personnel to guide to ensure the on-site activities smoothly. 6, for outdoor LED display, such as wind, rain, thunder, electric injury caused by natural factors, is not in the scope of the warranty. To the owner to the insurance company is cast protect, pay by insurance company. The general faults of 7, during the period of maintenance service, 8 hours to solve the problem of maintenance, major accident is not more than 24 hours. Maintenance to replace modules such as accessories, not more than 24 hours. After completion of maintenance, more than one service to ensure that the screen does not appear module level ( Such as partial color, module black, a column is not bright, etc. ) Failure, normal play. Second, clean up for screen protection grade is low, especially the outdoor screen, the atmosphere with ash from the vent into the equipment, for the fan equipment can accelerate worn or damaged. Dust will fall within the display control device surface, reduce the thermal conductivity and insulation performance, dust absorption of moisture in the air in case of wet weather lead to short circuit; Long-term can also lead to PCB and electronic components of mildew, the equipment technical performance, fault occurs. So, LED display the cleanup looks be like simple, actually is an important link in maintenance. Three, fastening the LED display screen belongs to high power consumption equipment, run after a period of time, due to stop and run for many times, including the terminal of the power supply part due to the hot and cold can cause looseness, contact not firm, form virtual connect, serious when fever, even raising beside the plastic components. Signal terminals will be due to the environmental change of temperature cold heat is loose, high lead to poor contact, then result in equipment failure, so must be carried out on the fittings of LED display fastening on a regular basis. In fasteners, during adjustment should be forcibly even properly and ensure solid and effective. Four, the display screen surface cleaning in bright and black screen under the two states, carried out on the LED display visual examination. Including: screen surface is polluted, the purpose is to remove surface dirt effect on the luminescence properties; Screen surface without damage cracks; Communication distribution cable circuit is normal; For the high protection grade of equipment, although due to choose the high reliability of components and connectors, but led to its closure become key factors, therefore, regularly check the seal in good condition; Steel structure to check for outdoor screen surface paint and rust; For outdoor screen surface pollution is particularly serious, but also on the display surface cleaning. LED display cleaning aerial work, need to be equipped with professional cleaning team. Cleaning the overhead wire way ( Commonly known as spider-man) Or use blue, allocation of professional cleaning equipment, cleaning personnel according to the different dirt of screen choose different targeted cleaner, to ensure that under the premise of without causing damage to the LED tubes and mask to complete the work of cleaning the LED display. The power cord before cleaning, you need to go. The choice of cleaning fluid, in general, a cleaning liquid electrolyte, high-purity distilled water, anti-static fluid and so on, to choose the good quality, in order to effectively clean the dust on the LED screen and other dirty mark. Cleaning maintenance is divided into three steps: step: aspiration. First gettering, remove dirt and dust on the surface of the display mask. The second step: wet cleaning. Note cannot put lotion spray directly on the screen, but will a little spray cleaning fluid on a clean cloth, then wipe gently along the same direction. Can also use a vacuum cleaner on the soft brush to scrub, tubes mask will flush clean dirt. Step 3: drying. After using vacuum suction wet wash water mark, to ensure that the display screen mask clean without dust.
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