LED display fire caused many hidden trouble

by:GKGD     2020-04-23
In recent years, in the city's bustling streets, again the beautiful scenery line, that is the color of LED screen. Luster gorgeous added angry for city on a large screen. But few people realize in this layer under the gorgeous face of crisis. This crisis is the hidden danger of the fire. A building new installation of LED screen, operation time is not long, the fire. Technical personnel is very confused, because the design and construction are in strict accordance with the regulations, and on a line with perfect over-current protection device, flow on online and automatically power off. Firefighters on the analysis of fire causes, also have no strong evidence to tell the real cause. In fact, people don't understand this kind of phenomenon is very natural, because this is a new phenomenon. This phenomenon is called harmonic current phenomenon. Harmonic current is a kind of high frequency current, it is mainly produced in modern high-tech electronic devices, one of the main harm of harmonic current is induced by the fire. Any high-tech electronic equipment produces harmonic current at work, it is like any car to produce exhaust. Why high-tech electronic equipment can produce harmonic current? This is because any electronic devices containing rectifying circuit, the rectifier circuit is working, will generate harmonic current, like gasoline engine emissions wants when the job. Electronic equipment is by using a complex electronic circuit, and the electronic circuit is powered by dc. Due to the power plant is an alternating current, so the electronic equipment must be ac rectifier, transform to use for the direct current (dc). full color LED display is a sophisticated electronic device, it contains a large number of rectifier circuit, so produce a lot of harmonic current. Due to large amounts of electronic information equipment is popular in recent years, people are immersed in the electronic technology of conveniences, the harm to them is far from understanding. Like a few years ago people fully enjoy the convenience of advantage, and ignore the other consequences, such as air pollution and traffic congestion. In fact, the harm of harmonic current has been increasingly seriously, and the whole society for safety caused by the effect that cannot be ignored.
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