LED display five main advantages and disadvantages of boxes of contrast

by:GKGD     2020-04-25
Many people think full-color LED display and LCD flat TV, is composed of a single screen, LED display is actually made up of many unit board box joining together. If a few hundred square meters of the screen is single structure, then on the transport is a big problem. For housing for the unit is easy to transport, installation convenient disassembly, easy to maintain, etc. , the box body mainly have five of the market. Below, the LED display manufacturers LED display and you talk about five main body quality contrast! A iron, iron box box is used the most case, it is characteristic of good sealing, affordable, the disadvantage is that heavy weight, poor accuracy, strength is not enough, because of some iron box is generally used in outdoor screen. Second, die-casting aluminum housing die-cast aluminum cabinet light weight, reasonable structure, high precision, basic can achieve seamless splicing. Latest die-casting aluminum screen is not only a simple upgrade traditional display cabinet, were carried out from the aspects of structure, the performance optimization of comprehensive update, is made of patent compact indoor rental screen, casing stitching precision, tear open outfit, maintenance is very convenient. Die-casting aluminum USES a forming mould, enclosure flatness more secure, effective control of tolerance range, basic solve the problem of housing flat-fell seam; Humanized design, install more convenient, more lightweight, flat-fell seam and cable connection box is more reliable; Quality is light, the hoisting structure, the installation more convenient, more solid; Imported power connectors, links, safe and reliable; Body connected by concealment type, signal and power connections between installed can't see any sign of the cables. Three, carbon fiber body: carbon fiber cabinet design ultra-thin, light quality, good strength, resistance to tension, 1500 kg, the weight of every square metre is only 9. 4kg。 Adopted the modular design, maintenance more convenient, right Angle 45 degrees 90 degrees can realize screen splicing installation. At the same time provide the transparent backboard, suitable for large-scale installation sports venues, outdoor advertising light field. Four, full-color LED display cabinet: magnesium magnesium alloy with magnesium alloy as the base to join other elements. Its features are: small density, high strength, good heat dissipation, good shock resistance, bear impact load ability than aluminum alloy, organic matter and alkali corrosion resistance performance is good. Magnesium alloys used for high performance/price ratio, and cabinet, convenient installation, good heat dissipation make the product more market advantage. Five, the polymer material box nano macromolecule material form has the characteristics of earthquake resistance to fall off, its characteristic is very light, relative die-casting aluminum price cheap, light simple loading and unloading, handling, transportation cost is low, the cost is low. The above is the the characteristics of the five main body analysis, we can according to the specific requirements in the application, to choose to suit your own body.
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