LED display high unpredictable future development

by:GKGD     2020-04-23
In the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony, we can see the full color LED display screen, is greatly promote the rapid growth of the LED lighting industry. Currently regional standard has been formulated, LED landscape lighting, industry is the specification of its energy-saving, environmental protection and beautification of life is give full play to the advantages of using LED lighting to replace traditional neon lamp can save 60% ~ 70% with the speeding up of urbanization process, the local governments have stepped up the implementation of the urban landscape lighting lighting. Each medium cities in China, the tourist area of light engineering and beautify the lights are also performed. Landscape lamp many communities and major construction projects are using LED to replace traditional neon lights, power consumption, China LED landscape lighting is new development peak. LED lighting in the success of the Olympic venues, heralding the landscape lighting in LED lighting technology has become more mature. As countries introduced to sustaining economic growth of ten measures to expand domestic demand to implement step by step, the LED industry environment will be improved. That coincide with the national macroeconomic regulation and control measures, Ministry of Science and Technology has also launched aimed at boosting domestic demand, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, promote industry 'ten city wan light LED application demonstration project', created a huge market for the LED enterprises. The support of policy, the huge market demand potential, will make the LED industry in China is facing a wide development prospects. As countries have enacted law banned incandescent lamp, at the same time, along with the standard gradually perfect, so is expected to replace a large number of incandescent and halogen lamps, LED bulbs are expected to demand. As long as there is customer demand, stable quality, I believe that this growth will continue for at least 10 years. According to market-research firm iSuppli and Strategies of the company recently survey, total LED the market will reach $9 billion in 2011. The good news is that the LED industry in a similar 'Moore's law' - in the microprocessor industry - - - - - - Haitz's law to agilent ( Leading companies in LED industry) The former technology scientists RolandHaitz naming. Its content is LED every 10 years will be the price of the original 1/10, performance is more than 20-fold. If this law can be consistently fulfilled, while with the increase of production capacity, the cost of the LED back light will decline rapidly.
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