Led display how to improve the display resolution of 4 times?

by:GKGD     2020-05-05
The development of led display, as a display advertising goods, its definition can be said to be the lifeblood, how to improve? We really want to consider. Even in a few years ago, the most advanced led display screens and compared existing screen panel appears on the market are amazing. Now, an engineer at Princeton university found a cheap way of led display production, the technology while the cost is low, but it can make the panel more bright, efficiency, long life, even can promote more than five times the resolution. In 2012, a Princeton professor Stephen Chou for himself in the breakthrough of nanotechnology and achievement - — Will increase the efficiency of solar cell by 175% - — Reputation in academic circles. And now, he has put the same principle on the led display technology. 'From a physical point of view, a good absorber of light, such as our solar cells, and should also good luminosity,' Chou wrote, 'we want to prove it in the experiment in the visible light range is real, then use it to solve the led display screen and display the important challenge. 'Since the led display from the date of the invention, the scientists have been in the struggle and the so-called important challenges. The high efficiency of led display, but it really emitting light accounts for only 2% of total generated - 4%, the rest were trapped in the led display shell, like a light is trapped in the water of the swimming pool. And Chou nanotechnology has changed that. The technique USES the nanostructures can be oriented toward the viewer on the light and focus, it is basically a only 15 nanometers thick mesh structure, its glow at the bottom of the surface to emit more bright light through it, because the trapped light and heat are reduced, the life of the led display is extended accordingly. For production of organic and inorganic led display, this is a very cheap way. Chou and Princeton university is currently waiting for their own patent application through, after that, we may soon you will see this technology has been applied on the smartphone. 【 Led display.
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