LED display interfere with how light is produced?

by:GKGD     2020-04-08
LED display interfere with how light is produced? LED display interference of light has the following factors: a, personal factors: outdoor LED display has the characteristics of high brightness, if the brightness of the LED display in the dark night output reached 8000 CD/m2, so will cause serious interference of light. Watch position: the closer the distance between the viewer and LED display, or the standing position and LED display form on the edge, the greater the or viewer gaze direction toward the convergence, the screen will produce more serious interference of the light. Three, intensity of illumination effect: environment illumination exists obvious difference between day and night, this also is the same brightness LED display in different period of time will produce different degree of interference of light. Four factors, the viewer, the viewer's age, occupation, health, psychological mood different, will feel different levels of interference of light. For example, often contact photosensitizer or viewers with eye diseases, to be more sensitive to light. Five, the broadcast content: LED display shows image content if change too fast, is easy to cause the viewer's discomfort; High brightness, color transition stiff, can also cause eye discomfort. Six, the evaluation standards: LED display has been applied in many places, such as road traffic, commercial, residential areas, because of the different nature of place, the interference of light evaluation standard is also different. Seven, environmental conditions, environmental conditions can significantly influence on the LED display light interference, if the environment condition is relatively poor, such as the fog haze, dust, fog, rain, wind and other weather, will affect people's judgment of the LED display light interference, the human eye under the affected by external factors, will cause the judgment standard, the objectivity of impact assessment.
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