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by:GKGD     2020-04-07
With the popularization application of LED display, LED electronic display screen and LED full-color displays also corresponding is the favour of people, the application range of the LED display is now widely used in all walks of life, whether shopping malls or subway and docks, and so on public LED display is almost everywhere. In the practical application of LED display, however, a lot of people for the LED display professional term is always silly points not clear, so what are some of the jargon LED display? LED display those terms and represents what mean? By LED display manufacturers, for everybody below LED display of related problems. 1, the display speed: refers to the LED display speed of updating and transformation picture, usually expressed in frames per second. 2, color: red and green leds together as a single pixel of display screen called double color or color screen; Will be red, green, blue three kinds of LED tube together as a pixel display screen called three color or full color. 3, communication distance: general LED display signal input is a computer or other equipment, the display from the signal input device has a distance, so for LED display must support remote signal input and reduction, all the LED display basic support for more than 10 meters signal input. 4, life: usually used in outdoor LED display, LED display is required to meet the use of outdoor volatile environment, in anti-aging and trouble-free operation is slightly better than all the other display device. The use of normal trouble-free time can reach more than 5000 hours. 5, pixel: make indoor LED screen pixel size is generally 2 - 10 mm, often use several can produce different colors of LED tube core is encapsulated into an organic whole. Outdoor LED screen pixel size for 12 - more 26 mm, each pixel is composed of a number of various kinds of monochrome leds, common product according to pixel tube. Double color pixel tube generally consists of three red 2 green, three color pixels of tube in 2 red 1 green and 1 blue. Whatever made monochrome, double color or 3 color LED screen, want to display the image need a pixel each LED luminous brightness must be able to adjust, the adjustment of fine degree is the grey scale display. Gray level is higher, the display image is more delicate, more colorful, the corresponding display control system are more complex. General level 256 grayscale image, color transition is very soft, and gray level 16 color image, color transition boundary obviously. So, color LED current is required to make gray level 256. Shenzhen lian sen photoelectric co. , LTD. ( www。 szlenson。 cn) Is one specialized is engaged in the LED display development, production, sales and engineering services in one high-tech enterprises, the main products have LED display, leasing, LED full color LED display, LED screen, LED unit board, LED table stick unit board, indoor full color LED unit board, LED display module and so on product sales, indoor LED display price is favorable, welcome consulting.
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