Led display mistake how to solve

by:GKGD     2020-06-24

full color LED display application more and more widely, we will encounter more or less in the process of using some display failure problems. When problems arise, we didn't know how to be the fault? How to solve? Below is by shenzhen photoelectric technology personnel to introduce mistake how to solve the

1, there is something wrong with the output

( 1) Check whether the line of the output interface to the signal output IC connection or short circuit.

( 2) Clock latch signal detection output is normal.

( 3) Measure the last driver IC level between whether to output data to his mouth and output interface of the data connection or short circuit.

( 4) The output signal is mutually short circuit or short circuit to ground.

( 5) Check the output of ribbon cable are in good condition.

there is a line or lines 2, full bright not bright

test between 138 and 4953 line is open circuit or virtual welding, the short circuit.

3, the whole plate is not bright

( 1) Check whether the power supply and signal lines.

( 2) Check whether the test card is to identify the interfaces, red light flashing does not identify test card, check whether the lamp panel is power supply with test card, or light board interface has signal and short circuit identification interface. ( Smart card)

( 3) Test 74 hc245 presence of virtual short circuit welding, 245 on the corresponding enabled ( EN) Signal input and output whether foot virtual welding or short circuit to the other line. Note: check the power supply and can make ( EN) The signal.

4, in the oblique scan, a regularity of interlaced not bright show scenes overlap

( 1) Check A, B, C, D, if there is A disconnect between signal input port to 245 or virtual welding, short circuit.

( 2) Test 245 corresponding outputs A, B, C, D and whether or virtual welding, open circuits between 138.

( 3) Test A, B, C, D between each signal is short circuit or A signal with A short circuit. Note: the main detecting ABCD line signal.

5, according to chaos, but the output signal to the next board normal

test 245 corresponds to the STB latched output connected to the driver IC latch end whether or signal is short circuit to the other line.

6, there is a column or a few columns full bright not bright

on the module control pin in the column, is connected to the driver IC output measurement.

7, have a single point or single highlighting, or the entire line highlighting, and is not controlled

( 1) Check whether the column with the power to short circuit.

( 2) To test whether the bank the positive short circuit and power supply.

( 3) Replace the driver IC.

8, according to chaos, the output is not normal

( 1) Testing the clock CLK latch STB signal is short circuit.

( 2) If there is a input/output test 245 clock CLK.

( 3) Testing the clock signal is short circuit to the other line. Note: the main testing the clock with the latch signal.

9, display color deficiency

( 1) Check whether the data end of the 245 of the color with input and output.

( 2) Test the color data signal is short circuit to the other line.

( 3) Detecting the color of the driver IC level even data between whether there is open circuit or short circuit, virtual welding.

10, on a single point or multi-point ( Irregular) Don't light

( 1) To find whether the corresponding control foot measurement module with our short circuit.

( 2) Replace the module or single lamp.

11, when the line scan, two lines or a few lines ( Generally is a multiple of 2, regular) At the same time light

( 1) Test A, B, C, D whether short circuit between the signal.

( 2) To test whether 4953 output with other output short circuit.

12, all leds are not bright

total power did not open; Part of the LED is not bright: switching power supply output polarity against or module attachment have break phenomenon.

13, all LED dim

load the LED polarity meet the number too much or module; Part of LED dark and light bead fever: module wiring short circuit; LED brightness is not consistent: load the LED number too much

14, LED flashing

line contact undesirable; Insurance: burning module or wiring have short circuit phenomenon.

as a professional full-color LED display manufacturer to tell you that in know the malfunction, if users have a certain maintenance knowledge can solve on their own, can effectively save time and maintenance costs.

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