LED display of the viewing distance calculation formula method

by:GKGD     2020-04-14
Today very happy you to sen photoelectric LED display interactive platform, the issues more common LED display. With all of you have not met each other for a week, hoping today that problem, can bring you joy, help people solve more related LED common sense, then reveal the LED display for you viewing distance formula method. Through calculation of LED display screen viewing distance, can we find out the most suitable distance of the viewer, and the best Angle of view, the LED display can play its unique display effect. Color mixing distance RGB trichromatic blend into a single color, pixel pitch ( 毫米) X 500/1000 the minimum viewing distance can show the distance: smooth image pixel pitch ( 毫米) X 1000/1000, the best viewing distance of the viewer can see clear picture of the height distance: pixel pitch ( 毫米) X 3000/1000, so the most distant viewing distance: the screen height ( M. ) ×30。 As you all know, the LED display screen in a certain extent, has the advantages of high guarantee nonlinear visual implementation of gray level 256, achieve the visual effect of whole true color, can fundamentally solve the digital display system caused by large amount of data transmission system is complicated. For more than us, if you have not understand place, please actively put forward to us, will be very patiently for you answers. Looking forward to your continue to pay attention to the problem that a more exciting.
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