Led display outdoor advertising when to take a mess?

by:GKGD     2020-04-24
Billboard arbitrarily set, lack the arm little leg; full color LED display, light pollution anti - — With the development of the city, these provide citizens with information of outdoor advertising, frequency of more and more high in all the line of sight. But in the case of devotion to absorb people eyeball, a lot of outdoor advertising is now a lot of problems, a city of freckles. In daily life, you may be suffering from the led electronic display light pollution, noise pollution; See the billboard 'lack the arm little leg', you may hide it well, afraid to hurt myself. And those uneasily, set up temporary signs on the lawn, has affected the city appearance. Create a LED display screen in order to increase the visual impact of the ads, print ads already can't satisfy the customer's requirements, LED outdoor large screen so arises at the historic moment. In order to have the advertising effect, on the LED display's location, merchants are not hesitate heavy gold among the prime locations. Jiaojiang old cross the road, development zone near auchan supermarket, these areas have become such displays of habitat. Careful people will find that these screens are set at the crossroads, to the place of the stream. In general, these light is very strong, and advertising is the impression of bright red color, as well as plenty of bright colours. In addition, two advertising alternating fast, color tone before and after the contrast is very big, the impact on the visual is very large. 'Lack the arm little leg' billboards in addition to the , set in the place such as green belts, road outdoor billboards, outdoor advertising is the leading role, but the appearance of these billboards 'lack the arm little leg', not only affect the city appearance, also pose a safety hazard. In city road, hanging on the telegraph poles on both sides of the street are long billboards, appeared a lot of different degrees of damage. Some long billboards falls off side, on the other side tilt. Damage is serious, just empty with only a rusty iron frame. A gale, I really don't know the existence of hidden billboard will not drop, hit people passing by.
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