LED display partial color problem summary and solution

by:GKGD     2020-04-07
LED full color slants color what's the problem? We summarized for everybody and LED display partial color problem summary and solution. Problem a: LED display color yellow 1, baking temperature is too high or too long; 2, with glue ratio is wrong, A yellow glue more easily. The solution: 1, AB glue - in 120 140 degrees/curing mold release within 30 minutes, more than 150 degrees for a long time baking yellowing easily. 2, AB glue - in 120 / 30-130 degrees 40 minutes curing mold release, more than 150 degrees or long time baking yellowing. 3, when making a large lamp holder, to reduce the curing temperature. Problem two: the cause of the LED display lights, bubble problem: 1, bowl bubble: stents dipping glue is bad. 2, support bubbles: curing temperature is too high, epoxy curing. 3, plastic crack, blasting cap: short cure time, epoxy resin curing incomplete or uneven. AB glue beyond can use time. 4, lamp holder surface bubbles: epoxy adhesive deaeration difficulties or user use vacuum degree is not enough, and time is too long. Solution: according to the usage, improve the process or contact with epoxy suppliers. Question 3: reasons for LED display stand up: 1, the stent surface uneven capillarity. 2, AB glue contains volatile materials. Solution: please contact the supplier. Problem four: LED display packaging short baking from the mold after long roast discoloration reasons: 1, inside the oven stack is too dense, poor ventilation. 2, the local high temperature oven. 3, other color pollution substances exist in the oven. The solution: to improve the ventilation. Remove dirt, confirm the actual temperature in the oven. Question 5: one row of lights on the scaffold, some have color phenomenon or gel time is differ, uneven quality of reasons: inadequate stirring. Solution: fully stir well, especially pay attention to the corners of the vessel.
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