Led display price and quality is consistency, how to in the middle?

by:GKGD     2020-04-25
The current development of industry, has experienced the many times of just a few short years shuffle, down a lot of enterprises, but also has a lot of enterprises, the battlefield fell a batch of combatants have a batch of the top again, present the geometric growth, and pack up. And the industry quality is good and bad are intermingled, mixed company, all kinds of general competition the flux of v. Especially price war has been the heavy weight of conformity enterprise headache, even struggling due to insist. Now, a new round of high-level ZhiLiangZhan spoke with quality has begun, let many companies in the two rounds of war is a bit at a loss, how can choose to play? full color LED display price war or ZhiLiangZhan large full color LED display the author believed that is driven by consumer market. In LED display price war, inexpensive has always been China's consumption view since the ancient times, the price of the position of the obvious. Seize the psychological, a few small companies with double down ( The price and quality) Means to sell their products in the market, however, are in a cheap way. Consumer is a layman can say, in the selection of products is not very clear of the specific conditions of the , so saw two similar product price far, go to buy cheap. But not to think about why LED display price can differ so much. Only see the immediate benefits and vested interests, but don't want to cheap how long can display, display effect will be how, in the end a domino effect, because the cheap things not purchase experience and think that the industry of beauty products are not, affect the market better development. From ZhiLiangZhan, durable is the Chinese consumer market, the pursuit of this is by the quality as the dominant. As parents' s, an electronics can be several decades, more far older than his age. Just don't know why, the social development, science and technology more and more and more, but the quality of the product but can't have at the beginning of durable. However, with the improvement of living standards, consumer discretionary ability more and more, for the product is also more emphasis on comfort and high quality. Which have driven the enterprise in the process of production quality first, go to bad, rather than just compression cost, shoddy, to form a price advantage. Conclusion: the quality of the products is the life of the brand, is the soul of the brand, not the quality of the product is doomed to be eliminated by the market, although at a lower price and get a brief victory, but in the whole industry, the development is not a flash in the pan, but goes back to ancient times, could eventually stand is established on the basis of high quality brand market.
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