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by:GKGD     2020-04-25
Now, a great variety of LED display, LED display price gradually diffuse, increasingly heated competition, the LED display manufacturers and even for the same LED display product quotation. Actually, familiar with full color LED display industry knows, there are many factors restrict the price of LED display, such as the specifications of the LED display, material supporting system and construction factors and so on, all the determinants of price of LED display. Why do these factors affect the price of the display screen? One, the influence of the specifications of the LED display price: here said only that the conventional products, LED display from the color can be divided into monochrome, two-color, full-color, from the use of the environment can be divided into indoor and outdoor half outdoor, each kind of specification of LED screen, the price is different indoor full-color and table post triad full-color, full-color, tables, lattice, full color, outdoor full-color divided into 1 r1g1b ( Generally for high density, such as: PH10, PH12) 2 r1g1b ( Generally for high density, such as PH16, PH20, etc. ) 。 Second, the influence of the material on the LED display price: material from kinds of points, can be divided into imported materials and domestic materials. The source of the light emitting chip, imports are: the United States, Japan, Taiwan, at present there are some domestic chip. Each light emitting chip has its own advantages and disadvantages. The United States and Japan chip, because its always holds the core technology, under the background of similar to monopoly, the United States and Japan chip prices. Taiwan and the mainland chip price is relatively cheap, but its performance compared to the United States and Japan chips, there are still a certain gap. If the LED display is used in a more important occasion, we still recommend using imported materials is better; In addition to the LED chip, and the main factors influencing the price of LED display is the LED driver IC, but if I were a customer I would rather choose a good driver IC, because it although the price is a little higher, but the driver IC is LES display quality and life of the very important factors, make full color full color LED display must be used when constant voltage constant current driver IC; Other aspects of the material of display such as power supply, housing, and the production of various accessories. Three, the influence of the main supporting system of the LED display price: 1, system accessories: sending card and receiving card, transfer card; 2, broadcasting system, computer control, multimedia CARDS or graphics, player software; 3, editing system: edit computer, video compression CARDS, editing software; 4, monitoring and control system, sensor + monitoring software; 5, protection system, cooling system, power distribution system, lightning protection system; 6, sound system, amplifier + amp; 7, video input devices: DVD/VCD machines, video recorder, closed-circuit television (CCTV); 8, graphic input: scanners, digital cameras. In addition to the above accessories and equipment system accessories and broadcast system, other are all optional equipment. Due to the influence of factors such as brand and purchase channels nature have a difference in price between the LED display. Four, construction factors on the LED display price: the influence of the installation place, installation method, screen size, frame structure, material selection, the influence of such factors as LED display engineering prices will surely have a larger difference, especially when making LED billboards, affected by the construction environment, the engineering price vary widely. Five, the other factors: the terms of payment, tax rate, the mode of transportation, the manufacturer itself factors decides the price of LED display. , LED display manufacturers, as well as to ensure the quality of LED display on full color LED display price competitive, full color LED industry in shenzhen has a great advantage.
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