Led display price how to measure

by:GKGD     2020-06-27

full color LED display application widely used products, advertising media, convention and exhibition, information release, such as application market increase year by year. Becomes more and more popular with the development of , product categories and types of people more and more, so what led electronic display is a real bargain? When we are in the screen of choose and buy to how to determine whether suitable. Below is by shenzhen photoelectric technology personnel to introduce

1, raw material: power supply ( Import or domestic) ,IC( Import or domestic) , led lamp, PCB ( Thickness)

2, drive mode: separation and unity;

3, the composition of light way: three or four lamp lights

4, box: simple and standard;

5, refresh rate;

6, the brightness of the led lamp;

7, led lamp light foot with what material: iron, copper

8, the led chip size;

9, company's technological process;

10, the screen body function: a positive function, current gain, error detection.

that is shenzhen optoelectronic technical personnel to introduce the price measure, mainly has more than ten o 'clock, under normal circumstances, the on the choose and buy, we should pay attention to more than ten o 'clock, because different quality, different models of products may vary, but we in the choose and buy when, as long as focusing, especially on the product after-sales, more should pay attention to, because the length of the products on the service life is also important to influence whether we should purchase conditions.

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