LED display purchasing and installation

by:GKGD     2020-05-01
Liaoning xuan yu engineering bidding and tendering co. , LTD. , liaoning university of traditional Chinese medicine may entrust in liaoning university of Chinese medicine full color LED display purchasing and installation through the way of competitive negotiation, select qualified construction units. 1, scope of bidding: 2 piece of full-color LED display, Outdoor: 64 m * 3. Double color 8 m ( Red, green) A; Indoor: 3. 4 m * 4 m monochrome ( Red) A) Purchase and install ( Including the design of the installation) 。 2, qualification requirements: have full color LED display supply, installation and design capacity of independent legal person enterprises ( The registered capital of more than 1 million yuan ( Containing 1 million) ) More than 3 years, the company set up normal operation. 3, quality: the standard 4, terms of payment: upon the acceptance of engineering installation completed a one-time pay the payment by 85%, using three months after the payment of 10% of the payment, the balance 5% as deposit quality, three years later, no quality problem, one-time pay all, Interest-free) 。 5, time limit for a project, completed within 30 days after signing the contract. 6, competitive negotiation file is 300 yuan RMB ( The tender after not refund) , a deposit of 10000 yuan. 7, the bid evaluation method: using comprehensive evaluation method. 8, we scheduled for June 21, 2010, in liaoning xuan yu engineering bidding and tendering co. , LTD. , registering and issuing competitive negotiation documents; Tenderer competitive negotiation file at the same time, must provide the original copy of business license ( The registered capital of more than 1 million yuan ( Containing 1 million) ) , tax registration certificate, a copy of the original, organization code certificate copy of the original and a copy of the corresponding, the power of attorney (original Photocopy of the seal of the unit) , outgoing bidder shall provide the outgoing construction enterprises into the liao record card, shenyang outgoing into Shen Jianzhu enterprise registration notice, outgoing BeiAnChan unit of safe production license. 9, the bid opening time: June 28, 2010 at 13:30 bid opening location: liaoning xuan yu engineering bidding and tendering co. , LTD. On the first floor conference room to address: shenyang heping district of nanjing, 122 south street, telephone/fax: 024 - 23517977 - 610, 23518578, touch people: Cui Wenjuan, wang Yang
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