LED display quality inspection 'three steps'

by:GKGD     2020-05-01
LED display color variety can present a more exquisite picture, so it is widely used in advertising market. With the development of the market to buy LED display friend is more and more quickly, buy LED display friends when choosing LED display will inevitably encounter some problems. Today manufacturers to related staff to popularize the method on the quality of view the : 1, the surface roughness on the surface of the display of the roughness determines the color screen shows how the quality, if the lower screen surface roughness may be produced locally convex or concave, prompted a corner picture perspective so as to affect the look and feel, screen surface roughness largely determine the quality of the color ; 2, see the metrics and perspective because of the color LED display is usually used in outdoor, so if by the strong light may cause the picture look not clear, the size of the brightness is decided by the LED chip, high quality color full color LED display is usually higher brightness and wider visual Angle, thus brightness and the viewing Angle is also a big factor to understand the quality of color LED display. 3, check for * * g color LED display color is composed of multiple colored pixels, if normally on to appear on the screen or small black square rocks show that the module of the necrosis, this is due to the screen plugging caused by poor quality so easy to damage. Before buying professional color LED display, if you want to see its quality can through the observation screen whether there is Mosaic point in the plane.
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