Led display rental market 'price' and 'quality' of the association

by:GKGD     2020-04-22
LED display screen (lease Hereinafter referred to as the led rental screen) Both manufacturers to provide leasing products manufacturers or advertisers, including rental business, advertisers to sublet to other unit or individual products. Unlike conventional LED display, LED rental screen inevitably requires repeated due to its positioning for installation, disassembly and transportation, so the product demand is higher, on the appearance design, structure design and material selection has exquisite, intuitive understanding is 'beautiful appearance generous, lightweight portable installation, stable and reliable quality'. As a 'functional' products, LED rental screen can give a person brand-new visual feast, show activity of creative and cultural connotation, to satisfy the people's spiritual needs. With the widely application of the LED display in the market, its outstanding advertising ability is more and more recognition and favor, merchants also spawned in relation to the lease of meetings, exhibitions, performances such as the objective demand of full color LED display. But high construction costs for many small and medium-sized businesses, for once or several times a temporary business promotion activities is put into a huge sum of money is apparently not cost-effective, it is in this market demand, under the stimulus of LED display rental market. For small and medium-sized businesses, LED rental screen with the advantages of big returns of 'small investment', only need to pay a rent, can let the LED display in their place, to promote brand, advertising, build the atmosphere, such as purpose, greatly reduce the investment risk. Manufacturers of LED display rental market has quickly become the eyes of the 'nation', and rental displays the characteristics and advantages are inseparable. Rental display cabinet light, quick installation, disassembly, transportation convenient, the maintenance is simple, suitable for large area rental and fixed installation applications. At present, the LED screen is widely used in the stage of this lease, song and dance party, all kinds of conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theatres, hall, lecture hall, multi-function hall, conference room, hall, deducting hall, ted, nightclub, high-grade entertainment discos, etc. LED display price and quality is usually leasing vendor to consider one of the most important two factors. Price competition is almost the mainstream market in the past, the past two years, the high quality LED display gradually be taken seriously. From the perspective of lease, the high quality LED display should not only have good display effect, simple drag and lightweight structure, but also have a new era under the demand of advertising communication. Therefore, the high quality LED rental screen are often more convincing than prices. Although LED rental screen market suffered extremely cruel price competition and quality crisis, but is still a can continue to the deepening development of the market. At present, the LED display industry has stepped into mature and stable stage of development, with mature technology and gradually reduce the cost, small spacing of LED products is being 'undermined' traditional small spacing domestic market share of splicing wall. On the one hand, LED small spacing product can make the enterprise with higher profits from traditional product price war 'red sea'; On the other hand, the enterprise can also because of its high technology threshold quickly entered the path of differentiation, creating core advantage to a certain extent, to raise their competitiveness in the market. Thanks to the rapid development of the small spacing technology, represented by small spacing products of high-end rental market arises at the historic moment, is now gradually become drive LED display enterprise growth momentum, and in recent years, LED electronic display manufacturers focus on mining 'blue ocean'. LED display manufacturing enterprises to expand their market share, promote the development of leasing industry, need from the two aspects of market and product. Follow the market trend, grasp the direction of product, can let the leasing market is more stable. In addition to the change of the market, the LED rental screen manufacturers and leasing firms also need attention to display the requirements of the product itself. Although the LED display rental market in the future will continue to pay attention to the price, but the quality of the product should be given priority, this is the LED display industry toward healthy development and the inevitable trend of matured. Future, LED rental screen product will be toward the specifications standardization, high-definition, high density, one screen at a multi-purpose, installation fast, convenient maintenance, safe cabinet light direction to move on. From the demand of various conventional screen to a variety of different the demand of the screen, LED display as the most suitable for stage display devices, as a carrier to pass the beautiful, the future is bound to get more and more comprehensive, more sophisticated applications.
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