LED display screen door appearance stick what advantage?

by:GKGD     2020-04-24
LED display screen door appearance stick what advantage? Compared with direct products, outdoor LED display table stick well with wide Angle, light distribution, good color mixture, and the advantage of high contrast. Door appearance to stick full color not only has over 110 degrees in the horizontal direction of wide Angle of view, in the vertical direction also has more than 110 - degree wide Angle of view, so hanging high in the sky outside door appearance on the display screen is need have a broader perspective of full color to show better advertising effect. In addition, compared with upright type LED display, consistent appearance to stick better. Upright type red, green, and blue oval full color LED display brightness in three different perspectives on the consistency of the indicators is difficult to achieve, and the household appearance to stick to do it in different Angle of red, green, blue three kinds of brightness matching consistency highly consistent, to ensure that the outdoor full-color table put the brightness of the LED display in any direction are consistent, achieve better vivid effect. In addition, full-color LED display table paste volume is far less than into the light, so the light emitting area is small, the black area area is large, to improve the contrast of LED display. Table adopts the design of the triad structure, its built-in red, green, blue three chip, can be used as a display of a pixel. And into the LED lights, its built-in single color chip, need at least three different colors of red, green, and blue light each one assembled together, can constitute a full-color displays a pixel. Therefore, full color SMD screen mixed light effect better than into elliptical LED display. Not only that, outdoor full-color table full color LED display from glue, and products are more light, easy and quick installation. Its adopt aluminum alloy material box structure design is very light, beautiful and out of shape not easily assembled convenient and smooth. Suitable for leasing companies, car screen, mobile media use; Pillar or wall installation more ease the pressure on the bottles of steel structure. Outdoor LED display table stick display module circuit design can achieve the light board and drive board dual function, easy to automated production. Compared with direct plug-in products, household appearance not only improve the reliability, enhanced the production efficiency, more importantly, reduce the cost. For the appearance of advantage, hangzhou makar le photoelectric co. , LTD. , general manager of Jiang Zhongyong truth: home appearance stick compared with direct plug has two obvious advantages. First, outdoor LED display table display effect and ornamental effect is better than straight inserted; Second, the door appearance Angle is large, do spacing is smaller than into more suitable for LED display. Due to various reasons such as the market demand for full-color LED display shows the point spacing smaller and smaller, and the traditional upright type LED display display technology has obviously unable to meet the needs of application environment, compared to the traditional direct plug-in LED full-color displays, door appearance stick LED display picture is more beautiful, more energy efficient, body more frivolous, perspective and more wide, whether it is used in indoor or outdoor, instead of traditional straight insert full-color full color LED display. 【 LED display. Shenzhen lian sen photoelectric co. , LTD. ( www。 szlenson。 cn)
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