LED display screen industry five innovation ( 2)

by:GKGD     2020-04-22
LED display since its birth has received wide attention, along with the advance of technology in recent years, the application has been approved by many industry fields. Small spacing LED display or LED abnormity screen technology has been mature, products can greatly satisfy the needs of consumers. LED display companies are also increasingly innovation, is now ready to LED enterprises, in the last article I full color LED display screen manufacturers to introduce the 'LED display screen industry five innovation' of the top three, this article will tell you the rest of the two innovation. 1, intelligent display features advantages: LED display screen, smart is screen combined with Internet, achieve remote release of the cluster, remote control, remote monitoring, and these cluster is the size of the LED display dozens of pieces, of hundreds, even thousands of pieces. When occurrence problem of display screen, it will spontaneously alarm in time, and then analyze its own state, some problems also can automatically repair, etc. , to a certain extent, reduce the workload of engineers. With the development of technology, the intelligent display will further upgrade. Intelligent display is not only shows high definition, fluent, pictures and video of the movement, and provide more features and services for consumers to use and enjoy, strengthen the interaction with consumers and experience. Technical challenges: the need to constantly improve the intelligence function, solve various defects in the process of intelligence, according to the needs of consumers, to provide more in place of the intelligence services. Cloud intelligent is the trend of the development. But also safety, avoid privacy information or secret information. 2, wireless display features advantages: full color LED display screen is the use of GSM, GPRS and CDMA wireless, 3 g wireless communication network, such as the LED display screen remote, real-time and large-scale network information release. ( 1) Network scale: LED display screen through GSM, GPRS and CDMA wireless, 3 g wireless network to send information, such as by using TCP/IP network transport protocol, terminal connected to the Internet there is no limit on the number, so a large scale network. ( 2) Real-time release information: LED display screen can receive wireless information center issued by the ministry of information. ( 3) Without being limited by the distance: wireless LED display screen can be used across the country, as long as there is a wireless network coverage can be used, not restricted by distance and location. ( 4) Easy installation and maintenance, because do not need to laying optical cable or communication cable, so the installation position of LED wireless display easy to choose; Modular design, easy to maintain and repair, and automatically save all information automatic dial-up, drops automatic redial, ensure reliable connection; Anti-interference design, suitable for electromagnetic environment applications. High and low temperature design, adapt to the low and high temperature working environment. ( 5) A variety of ways to disseminate information: according to the selected communication network is different, you can choose different way to send information update wireless LED screen information, and can be mass, group, single point send information. ( 6) Multiple information encryption methods: according to user needs, such as setting information is sent to join the identification number and the check code, or only receive special number. Ensure information security. Technical difficulties: ( 1) Now the wireless LED display enterprise widespread phenomenon is a lot of production equipment, but seldom from the jig. Supporting the use of the jig, can improve the reliability of product, reduce the failure rate of the products, the production process of equipment. ( 2) Not from the top to the bottom of the technical index decomposition, design process is insufficient, lack of reliability verification process. ( 3) For a large number of existing electronics manufacturing standards, even thought the wireless LED display industry there is no standard specification.
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