LED display screen industry five innovation ( A)

by:GKGD     2020-04-22
LED display since its birth has received wide attention, along with the advance of technology in recent years, the application has been approved by many industry fields. Small spacing full color LED display or LED abnormity screen technology has been mature, products can greatly satisfy the needs of consumers. full color LED display companies are also increasingly innovation, is now ready to LED enterprises, under the full color LED manufacturer to make a brief introduction of what are the five new display: 1, small spacing display features advantages: small spacing full color LED display is refers to the LED point spacing in P2. Five of the following indoor LED display, mainly including the P2. 5,P2。 0,P1。 9日,P1。 8日,P1。 6,P1。 5 and other LED display products. Indoor LED display is the biggest advantage of high density small spacing a seamless and display natural color is true. At the same time, in the later maintenance, already has a mature point correction technology, using more than one or two years of the instrument can be used for the entire screen of one-time correction, operation simple, the effect is very good also. 2, special-shaped display features advantages: the emergence of special-shaped LED display, broke the big screen splicing system can only be spliced become cold rectangular shape, and it can be spliced into all kinds of irregular shape to show some creative content, not only can the first time to attract the audience's attention so as to achieve better publicity, but also better expand the application range of LED display patchwork. Classification is roughly: three-dimensional curved surface ( Such as spherical screen, screen polyhedron and day) The article, the circular arc form, irregular shape, the curtain form. Distinctive abnormity screen, such as: LED ball screen ( Spherical LED screen, triangle ball screen, six panorama screen) , LED signs, With different specifications of the special LED module assembled, without being limited by the screen size, can be flexibly assembled into customer need any text, graphics and LOGO, etc. ) Face, LED screen, Using the different series of soft and flexible from differences of LED display, vividly portrays the facial features) , LED inside the arc screen ( Will display all the audience surrounded by 360 °, the audience can stand in the middle of the field to watch, can form a 360 ° panoramic images) , LEDDJ set, cans LED screen. 3, transparent display features advantages: transparent display can be as transparent as glass screen, transparency and can guarantee the dynamic degree of colorful images and display details, so transparent screen interactive display device to allow the user to close through both the exhibits behind the screen and can let users interact with transparent display dynamic information. Very suitable for shopping malls display jewelry and a variety of high-grade goods, and to show some cultural relics museum industry, etc.
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