LED display screen manufacturers to tell you the LED stage secrets

by:GKGD     2020-04-23
Every year New Year's eve CCTV Spring Festival gala 'is the focus of attention, from the content and form, star artist squad, host and clothing and stage sets and so on are the focus of people to discuss. Among these elements, the stage has been over the years the highest satisfaction. Thrift agitation under 2013 in 2014, the year of the horse stage background will be more audience people look forward to. As necessary for large stage, Spring Festival gala stage of bidding procurement is also each full color LED display screen LED the importance of the enterprise. Stage of LED screen have any secret, it is worth every year Spring Festival gala purchase? full color LED display manufacturer and we talk about LED screen stage secret! Block can lift and play more dynamic picture of LED display for spectacular stage, and is also one of the features of biggest gala last two years, all kinds of large screen display with the stage of collocation is the modern stage designer is very popular way, LED display screen is not LED back light, here to be sure, the first stage is the LED display technology, and this LED to our in ordinary consumption level of LCD TVS and LCD monitors 'LED back light' are two concepts, the latter refers to the LED luminous particles, mostly only emit light of white. And the LED display screen in the stage of each pixel consists of red, green, blue three sub pixel, according to the control of IC circuit for color mixing, which shows a colorful picture. Stage LED screen has a lot of changes in the characteristics, but in our life, we see such as railway station, large square, in the ordinary party LED display screen is usually the shape of a rectangle or more rules, relatively good production, debugging, but in the Spring Festival gala stage not only it is made up of many pieces of LED screen, and each display unit also have lifting function, the whole system is very diverse. Stage LED screen can be a image segmentation for multiple video footage broadcast, display screen can be independent, combining with the relevant background, use any combination play, big screen according to performance requirements, according to the partition and can be realized by superposition, background images according to the same picture with video signal processor played or synthesis, can be shown on the characterization, play, or call waiting to do text scrolling playing, can level video picture screen, also can lift up and down into words, personality video images, lighting, and beautify the stage background and ground, through the software design and system control meet the demands of the other, advantage, can adopt frame structure design, tear open outfit is convenient, reliable, easy to maintain application with each big * * * and big events.
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