LED display screen market advantages of television exclusive LED display was television

by:GKGD     2020-04-23
full color LED display TV, full color LED display screen market advantages of TV monopoly. A lot of advantages of LED TV, high brightness, brightness can be adjusted at the same time the large range. LED the biggest advantage is can according to the difference of different environmental luminance brightness control. Somebody thinks, high brightness leds is not suitable for indoor application or family, actually this is a myth. Depending on the environmental brightness leds can MCD - in 200 1200 MCD adjusted, and the brightness of the LCD is controlled in 400 MCD, down to 300 MCD or up to 500 MCD is unlikely. Relative to the current has been very mature in technology of LCD TV, LED TV's advantage is obvious. The first is any size. Display unit is composed of LED modules, LED TV may, in accordance with the requirements of any size of TV, there is no screen splicing problem. Due to the liquid crystal display and liquid crystal TV technology and the limitation of the LCD panel production process, it's hard to do single size 70 inches or more. The second is the brighter of mentioned above. Due to the LCD itself is not shine, so whatever the backlit LCD TV is to penetrate the LCD screen display, luminous efficiency is lower. The LED TV is LED components directly by emitting display, brightness is almost five times higher than LCD TV. Especially suitable for large social gatherings, in normally broadcast images, video, program need covered outdoor sunlight or closed indoor lighting occasions, LED TV doesn't have such a cumbersome, regardless of ambient light LED TV can be clear and fluent video for the guests. Third, the color is more bright-coloured. LED TV with full color RGB mode display images, no matter from colour reduction degrees, or color saturation and display color gamut range, main to 'white' than as any kind of backlit LCD TV, than a lot. Therefore, the LED TV footage showed color more bright and moving. Fourth, the use of lower maintenance costs. LED TV is composed of light emitting unit module, local damage or failure, only local repair or replacement, simple maintenance, use, maintenance cost is low. In addition, the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection is also LED. From the point of picture quality, LED TV more pure and fresh and natural. LED TV footage showed the refresh rate is four times the size of the LCD TV now, therefore, showed images of completely eliminate the phenomenon of 'ghosting' and make the TV picture quality fundamentally improved and improve, softer than LCD TV picture more natural.
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