Led display stability from which a few aspects to deal with?

by:GKGD     2020-05-05
【 Led display. From all kinds of the party, to the relevant report basic cannot leave the led display, so today, we will work from material selection, system control scheme, screen state three aspects, how to ensure the stability of stage led display. Material how to select raw materials including led lights, led display driver IC, power supply, power supply signal connector, etc. , these are all decided to the core elements of the led display quality. So the requirement for material selection is: the international famous brand, higher than the industry standard requirements related tests and requirements of various kinds of protection function. Such as the selection of switch power supply requirements: overheating protection, ac input to support wide voltage, resistance to surge. Dc output over voltage, over current protection. Structure design in to ensure that the body beautiful and fashionable at the same time, to ensure good heat dissipation way and fast way of joining together. System control scheme of the technical requirements because of the particularity of the stage led display, for the stability of the highly demanding at work. The system control scheme of each link with hot backup functions, including video sending and receiving devices, signal transmission cables, etc. Something it can guarantee the system of the unexpected situation, the system can automatically diagnose and at very fast speed switching to the backup device working, the whole process of switch will not affect the display effect. 【 Led display. Such as: to meet the demand of the scenes, the stage led display need to be here on live radio, mobile splicing model. If staff due to negligence or other reasons, among the screen of a display signal input lines, there was a loose in conventional control scheme, the beginning of loose body, to signal the end of the cascade, all display will be no signal. If add the hot backup plan in control system, in the moment, loose line hot backup function starts, the stage led display can still work normally, will not bring any influence to live. Working state real time monitoring stage led display working state can use a computer real-time monitoring, including temperature, humidity, voltage, smoke, and a cooling fan working condition and so on. Can happen to automatically adjust the situation of the various processing, to provide location and alarm for abnormal. For example, when a case because of the environment or other factors lead to housing internal temperature is higher, so in the absence of timely treatment, the box body internal power over temperature protection will happen at any time. If in this case to display working state monitoring, the working state of the system will adjust through the intelligence screen to reduce the internal temperature of the display screen. When intelligent adjustment can not reduce the temperature to set a goal, the system will alarm by staff set, and provides the abnormal body position, inform the staff handle in time. Ensure the display is normal working condition and safe use. Anyhow, want to improve the stability of the stage led display from the material selection, hardware design, system control scheme and so on various aspects of the comprehensive consideration. 【 Led display.
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