LED display streaks reason and screening method

by:GKGD     2020-06-30

since the past case, full-color LED display is the market mainstream display equipment components, appeared in the process of we use stripe, especially in the use of horizontal stripes or vertical stripes, will directly affect the LED display effect and viewing experience, especially in shopping malls, pedestrian street and traffic. Then according to this problem, we how to troubleshoot and solve? Below by photoelectric technology personnel to introduce

first of all, for the LED screen appear striped phenomenon, is certainly LED display no problem, the general power supply, control card, Contains the adapter plate) And the question of software.

1) Try to restart the power supply.

2) May be the board is broken, and the back of the upside down try.

3) Look at the screen power supply for good ( Power supply there is a small green light with normal, destroyed is broken, the light is on and possible voltage is not enough)

4) These two bad could be the control card program. Try to reload the file.

5) Control card problem or broken. Transfer control card problem is focused on connecting plate, plate if you connect into a jump line, lead to LED display streaks; If it's time to play occasionally, please change to kind of play.

that is about the full color LED display streaks of solution, and a lot of people feedback as well, in the LED display screen with water lines, commonly known as 'water ripple', this is different from stripe problem, not the quality of the LED screen, a water ripple is related to distance shooting Angle and screen refresh rate, so the need by the way here.

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