LED display the advantage of small spacing

by:GKGD     2020-07-06

from the start when the LED display to display content is given priority to, the following illustrated and dynamic video, is widely used in the family the large advertising, stage, exhibition exhibition, competition sports and hotel lobby in various occasions. But before limited to large LED display LED display like element spacing point spacing are getting smaller, analytic degree is more and more become more and more popular, the following is by photoelectric technology personnel to introduce the advantage of small spacing full color LED display

1, the wide use of

small spacing LED display now face to a television studio, power system monitoring center, space command center, command center, monitoring center, city government affairs hall, video conference room, control building, airports, railway stations, medium and large and medium-sized enterprises and so on.

2, well-targeted

small spacing LED manufacturer's goal is very clear, step by step from the high-end application market influence on brand extension, the final mass applied to the commercial market. Small spacing LED products market are mainly high-end command and control, the control room, conference room and other areas, and these areas is traditional large-screen Mosaic products especially the projector for many years to have a very deep root with the main market.

3, intelligent, and diverse

small spacing LED display are now in development in the direction of the intelligent, ultra-thin lightweight, network, and with the maturity of various technology, easy to assemble, high-performance small distance between the LED display screen has been widely used in the market

that is photoelectric technology personnel to introduce the advantages of small spacing LED display, with the acceleration of national informatization process, large-scale infrastructure construction, the government to the attention of the security monitoring field height, as a security monitoring terminal display device, the small distance between the full color LED display screen will also gain greater development opportunities.

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