LED display the current main technical problems

by:GKGD     2020-04-22
There is no doubt that the development of any industry will face technical problems the flask, especially like LED display this kind of new and high technology industries. Only producers to face the problem, can promote the development of the industry. The following chip photoelectric technically analysis of main problems of LED screen for you. One is the shortage problem of brightness. LED display is the main advantage of resilience and complex outdoor environment, the characteristics of the outdoor environment require LED display in sunny day, cloudy, rain and snow weather, distance, multiple points of view on can guarantee enough brightness to convey information, so the brightness is particularly important, and the shortage of the LED brightness makes the LED can only act as a supporting role in the lighting industry, mainly used for decoration, for the tens of thousands of star LED the integrated use of is a huge challenge. The second is LED color difference problem. The application of a single LED, basically there is no color difference problem, but many LED to the integrated use of words, color difference problem will highlight out. Although existing technologies to improve this problem, but due to the limitation of domestic technology and production level, same quality area differences still exist in the same batch of LED, the differences, and it is hard to escape to the naked eye, which is difficult to ensure the full color LED display color reducibility and lifelike. Third, LED display control chip. True color high resolution LED electronic display screen as a new display media, with its clear image and high performance ability, more and more get the attention of the people. And for the LED display unit, tricolor LED tube core is its core component, so you should use wavelength are small and luminous intensity uniformity good quality tube core, and this technology is mainly in the hands of the world famous big companies. 4 it is coming. Due to the great outdoor environment temperature changes, coupled with the LED display screen itself to generate a certain amount of heat at work, if the environment temperature is too high and combined with the heat dissipation, will probably cause the operation of the integrated circuit or even destroyed, so that the display system cannot work normally.
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