LED display to enter indoor application of seven small spacing threshold and breakthrough method

by:GKGD     2020-04-15
Small distance between the LED display shows developing rapidly in recent years, more and more get acceptance and recognition of the market, as a new growth point of display industry. But compared with the traditional information display applications, small spacing LED to enter indoor application has a higher technical requirements, more to break through the bottleneck, small spacing LED to enter indoor application to break through the threshold? How to break through the threshold of chip photoelectric? Small spacing LED into indoor application to break through the threshold is as follows: 1, how to implement the 300 CD / ㎡ below 'high low light grey'? 2, how to match the source of standard resolution? 3, how to support multiple platforms access of complex signal and display control? 4, how to solve the low light first sweep dark grey colour cast uneven? 5, how to eliminate uneven LED panel seam? 6,P1。 2 the following spacing is how to carry out high speed is? 7, how to repair, how to reduce the death rate of lamp to one over one million? Chip photoelectric take the following measures to break through the above application threshold: 1, the ordinary LED display panel, LED working current is lower than 3 ma, brightness is lower than 300 CD / ㎡, gray scale loss serious, partial color, uniformity. Chip photoelectric 6 high small spacing of LED display panel series, LED working current as low as zero. 1 - 1 ma, brightness as low as 75 - 300 CD / ㎡ gray not loss, low light, high ash easily. 2, ordinary LED display panel, 1920 * 1080 resolution can't make it, can only do is greater than the resolution, then the redundant pixels cover, wasteful, taking up space. Chip photoelectric LED display panel small spacing uniform designed by 1920 * 1080 resolution, little corresponding, and resolution matching source standard completely. 3, chip LED panel image splicing processing system, can support multiple cross-platform access and complex signal display control, can solve a variety of applications of signal input and display requirements. 4, and 6 chip photoelectric display panels used high drive technology and shadow elimination technique, solve afterglow, dull by the first sweep, low ash color non-uniformity problem. 5, chip photoelectric adopt FUJI NXTIII, G5S precision machinery and excellent technical manufacture LED display panel, realize the whole screen seamless. 6, chip photoelectric with fast brightness chromaticity calibration technique, efficient for LED display panel and the whole screen brightness chromaticity are relatively. 7, chip photoelectric LED display panels, small spacing design fully ensure the convenience of installation and maintenance. Strict quality control, use the top reliable device ( Light, macro, the magnitude) , the death rate of light to one over one million. LED display chip photoelectric small spacing indoor application advantages: 1, 2, seamless splicing, the whole screen brightness and color consistency of 3, from 2500 k to 10000 k color WenKuan domain adjustment, high gray level 4, 5, high contrast, better color performance, faster response speed, high refresh rate, efficient heat dissipation, 6 fanless design, zero noise high qing LED display screen with high density, small spacing at home and abroad has been a giant LED display enterprise in the field of exploring. Chip photoelectric LED display on the market, small spacing must be applied in high-end LED display market set off a violent shock. Chip photoelectric as national high-tech enterprise, will constantly promote the development of LED display application technology forward, let more field all the LED hd charm.
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