LED display was an accident, security issues are you aware of?

by:GKGD     2020-04-25
Since the start of the year, all kinds of safety accidents on the LED display has common, from the fire to the stage to the flooding of the sea, to the collapse of the screen, and display inappropriate content. These security events not only may hurt people, but also undermine the confidence on the safety of the LED display, at the same time has caused a serious loss to the end user. In the lack of thorough understanding of LED display cases, companies and individuals are more necessary to lead by example, let people know about the safety of the full color LED display, eliminate the potential misunderstanding on the full color LED display is not safe. LED display was scraped, engineers need to strengthen the installation. On the night of August 31 local time, an outdoor music festival in Germany suffered strong storm, blew up on the stage LED display, 28 people were injured. No such accidents occurred this year *. In July and 12 installation is firm, Banks LED display fell, on the screen around children hurt. The type of security incidents, but is indeed a shortly after interval, LED display security incidents happened again. Even if this is not product quality problem, the endless security incidents still hurts the confidence of the people to use the LED display, and for the LED monitor safety performance. While the festival of the accident has nothing to do with the installation, but also reminds the end user, it is necessary to strengthen the sturdiness of LED display installation to reduce bad weather influence on LED display, and improve the safety of the LED display. full color LED display, in order to avoid damage to the masses. Content security into a turning point, and will be the key to their future industry development direction. The development of the LED display industry has a long history, but its security content starts late, has not been valued. In the past two years, the industry has been in the proposed content security problems, and discuss the security and development content. On August 28, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology departments issued a guide to strengthen industrial Internet security work, has been clear about the preliminary established industrial Internet security system by the end of 2020 goals. As one of Internet security branch, the opinions of the issue is about strengthening LED display content security official announcement, it represents the future of LED display content of each department strict investigation, also represents the LED display. Content security issues are forming a system. The personage inside course of study thinks, as recent events in Hong Kong and the 70th anniversary of the founding of Hong Kong, the government will strengthen the content security of the LED display. This year will be the content security an important turning point in the history of the development. In domestic, the company developed a relatively mature control system, and set up a double key via mobile APP, to ensure that the content control do not fall into the hands of others. In addition, the APP when use need real-name certification, so that the related department can accurately find the sender and the event occurs for the sender to punish. LED screen can consult and purchase the products, to enhance the safety of the LED display content. As the country and promote industry, LED display content will be able to full speed development of the future, and become one of the key direction of industrial development. May safely draw the conclusion from the above analysis, the security of the LED display is not a company or enterprise can improve in a particular field, but the LED display industry chain cooperation, manufacturers need to strengthen quality control, the downstream end users need to strengthen oversight and supervision, and integrate the same security, to protect the safety of the LED display image.
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