Led display what aspects need to be paid attention to when using

by:GKGD     2020-05-05
Led display need to be aware of when using place: 1. After switching sequence: the tail: when switched on, the tail. GuanBing: when the first GuanBing, then turn it off. ( To close the computer's not led display, can cause the screen body appear high window, burning lamp, serious consequences. ) 。 2. Ambient temperature too high or the cooling condition is bad, should pay attention not to open the led display for a long time. 3. Switch the led display screen, the time interval for 5 minutes. 4. Avoid open led display in the condition of out of control, because the impact of the system current is the largest. 5. Often appear of the led display power switch trip, should be timely check the led display screen or change of the power switch. 6. Computers in engineering control software before open the led display screen electricity. 7. According to the led display body, the control part of the environment, avoid insect bites, should be placed against the rat poison when necessary. 8. Avoid led display in all white screen under the tail, because the impact of the current largest system. 9. Regularly check the led display to hang it firmly. If there are any loose phenomenon, pay attention to adjust, to reinforce or update a string. 10. Led display the body part of a line is very bright, should pay attention to timely GuanBing, shoulds not be long time under the state of the tail.
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