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by:GKGD     2020-04-25
Everyone here, good evening. We met again. Last night we based data analysis in detail for the LED a glue, don't you whether there is any impression. Next, we want to say is - of full color LED display - - - - - - - - - - - - What is the LED digital tube? This topic, hope everyone active participation, actively speak, we begin to enter the topic below. In fact, LED digital tube ( Digital tube) Is a semiconductor light emitting device, the basic unit is the light-emitting diodes. Digital tube is divided into seven segment digital tube by number of segments and eight digital tube, eight digital tube more than seven segment digital tube a light-emitting diodes unit ( More than a decimal display) ; According to the can show how many '8' can be divided into one, two, four digital tube and so on; According to the light-emitting diodes unit connection mode is divided into a total of anode digital tube and common cathode tube. LED light-emitting device has two kinds: usually used digital tube and the lattice. Paragraph 8 digital tube is a kind of LED light emitting devices. 8 paragraph also known as 8 digital tube, digital tube is divided into eight segments: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, P. The P for the decimal point. Digital pipe commonly used have 10 feet, each segment has a tube feet, the other two pins for a digital tube COM public end, interconnection between two root. Can display: time, date, temperature, etc. The parameters of the cable can use digital instead of. Because the LED digital tube, color is rich, high brightness, low power consumption, fast response, easy decoder with integrated circuits, drive directly support the use of the advantages of therefore, digital tube is mainly used for all kinds of instruments, instruments, household electrical appliances such as digital display. Especially in home appliance field has extensive applications, such as: air conditioning, water heaters, refrigerators, microwave ovens, induction cooker, the vast majority of water heater, etc. , are all digital tube application components. Understand what is the LED digital tube, LED industry as technologists, back operation is also more comfortable. I appreciate your participation tonight, very happily spent a happy night. More exciting topic of full color LED display you tomorrow night, looking forward to your continue to pay attention!
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