LED display what word? Is teaching you

by:GKGD     2020-05-05
Now we are at the entrance to the mall or store, can be seen everywhere in the led display shows the information, convenient store, according to product sales promotion to attract customer's attention, but sometimes hard to avoid mistake, when with a led display product information led display can change words become a lot of people question. The following three methods can help you realize the led display word instead. Method one: led display change word by phone ( Or remote control) To change words this way is the most simple way, we can edit text messages can be sent and change the ads subtitles. Led display change word method 2: through u disk to word with led display included with the software on the computer to produce good, then there is a download software to the u disk, keep the set parameters and content when u disk inside is ok, change the program with u disk copy content directly to the led display screen to replace it. Led display character change method three: through the serial port connection led display screens and computer to change the word, and then create or open a file. Open the display control software, will screen set up, the need to enter the password ( Most of the control card password is 168 or 888) 。 Mainly two Settings, is the first time, time has a variety of formats, finished, the default appears in the upper left corner; Can open amplification, adjustment. The second is the content, select subtitles, can be accurate to word editing, click send. Led display can change the word, there are usually a serial port line, U disk, mobile phone, Or remote control) These three ways, according to the corresponding operation mode, the led display what word can be operation. We are to change word by U disk, pay attention to the software menu there is a column, click on the USB download, selected school, keep the set parameters and content into the U disk.
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