LED display wireless control principle!

by:GKGD     2020-04-23
Now full color LED display the main control mode of the basic adopt wireless control mode. full color LED display wireless control mode have five, under the shenzhen union, tells the principle of the five kinds of wireless control mode! A, RF wireless control principle: the RF module end receives control computer, on the other side received serial port control card, computer after install driver, to create a virtual serial port, and through the serial port to send data. Second, the WIFI control working principle: by adding wireless router or other wireless devices, and original bridge wireless network, users build a wireless local area network (LAN), convenient control the network card into the wireless network, wireless network control. Three, GPRS wireless control works: GPRS module to add electricity after completed the course of dial-up Internet access, connect to the data center server, client access server through client software, by the server to forward information. Four, 3 g ( WCDMA) Wireless control works: 3 g module is through the wireless network connection to the data center server, client landing directly release programs broadcast cloud platform in the world, sent to the control card directly by the server. Five, the 4 g the netcom wireless control works: with 3 g/GPRS are basically the same.
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