LED display with small spacing you know a different display

by:GKGD     2020-06-29

small spacing full color LED display, the development of this industry is now faster, this is also in constant progress in technology, it can cause a lot of the benefits of everyone's life, as well as in the field of use and range is relatively wide, in many places we were seen small spacing full color LED display, as well as at the time of use is more convenient for some.

for small spacing of LED display, it can not only meet the needs of everyone for the big screen, is the effect of this is good, still have even if it is in use the occasion of this and more, in this aspect is also changing design idea is more and more novel, it has a three-dimensional, and the differentiation of display design, but in the concrete factory to choose this, everybody is also important to understand, although the manufacturer in this field is more, but you also need to learn to contrast.

here, you can see, the manufacturers in product quality and the price is more favorable, in the same industry product price is relatively high, in the design of the exhibits, above the material of the production and use of is a comparison of cooling of a kind of aluminum products, and then there is this piece of the enclosure, choice is die-casting aluminum box, in its intensity is relatively high, and is in use when you can discover, this kind of material is more portable, everyone in use also will be more convenient for some time.

the above can give you some advice, hope I can help you choose the suitable for their own products.

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