LED display wonders of the world! Like fairyland

by:GKGD     2020-04-06
The world's largest LED display? Has been in the industry. LED display industry, which emerged in recent years is the start of LED display are mainly composed of luminous words, later development in image, and then develop the multimedia, and the screen is bigger, so many people for one of the largest LED display has a lot of curiosity. Let's enumerate a few more famous LED display at home and abroad. A, Beijing water cube the currently the world's largest LED display the building, the total area of twelve thousand square meters, in the first place should be worthy of, the work came out attention all over the world! The project is built by dalian LuMing, choose suzhou as provided by the driver IC. Second, zhuhai huafa manufacturers awning of zhuhai huafa agent awning total length of 340 meters, the width of 55 m, clear height of 20 meters, the total display area of 8000 square meters. Huafa awning and industry's first 3 d LED screen cut distribution design, each leaf shape cut into different triangles LED screen is the stomach body symmetry distribution. Water cube with thin film material was adopted in order to realize the function can be pervious to light, not influence the mall to natural light, to avoid the conventional LED screen does not light when the space oppressive feeling, the project built by vertical xiang huike, the company in the field of creative display stands alone. 【 Large electronic display 】 Three, Las Vegas awning street the currently recognized the most expensive city in the world, Las Vegas crown in the name of a perfect world, pulsating nightlife is the most charming scenery of the city. Awning street is 400 metres long, covers an area of more than six thousand square meters, is a local location in the heart of the night. The awning initially as the neon lights, only after a few years for the LED, display far domestic backdrop. 【 LED outdoor large screen. Four, suzhou times square LED awning suzhou times square LED awning total length of about 500 meters, the width 32 meters, about 21 meters high. Suzhou times square LED awning, the length of 500 m more than the United States Las Vegas awning of 400 meters, making it the world's longest awning. Suzhou harmony times square awning for optical, electronic, Suzhou) Co. , LTD. , nanjing roper common construction co. , LTD. Five, The Times square in New York as a global financial center, times square commercial exceptionally strong, the LED display with buildings as carrier, is a very unique landscape of New York.
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