LED electronic display engineering bid price calculation method

by:GKGD     2020-05-05
According to customer demand, determine the specifications of the led display. Including what occasion? What environment? Customers have any special requirements, etc. According to the actual position determine the size of the display. Actual position, actual measurement, according to the specifications of the led display parameters to determine the size of the display screen size. General appearance design display, determine the screen frame size specifications. According to the surrounding environment comprehensive selection screen frame. To determine the display control mode. According to the control requirements of our clients to choose. LED electronic display engineering how to quote price? Led display engineering price = screen price * screen area cost + + control system frame + transport costs for the installation, the cost of the cost of the power distribution system including the power cord cable + steel frame and the taxes of the civil engineering cost + 1) Calculation method for area of screen: the screen body area length * screen high screen length = = screen the selected unit plate long * element plate blocks screen high = the selected unit board * unit board blocks (2) The calculation method of control system: general led display offline control height of not more than 256 pixels and control the length of not more than 1024 pixels, using a set of control card, general price is 450 yuan, indoor and outdoor half outside the price is 530 yuan. More than the requirements of the above prices are charged by two times the price. ( Offline control is used when need to modify the display data computer control) Synchronization control system consisted of computer, DVI, and VGA double function of graphical display card, LED full color data sending card, data cable, data receiving card, N) And so on. General indoor single color led display control points to no more than 512 points higher, length less than 1024 points in receiving card in one, with respect to OK. General offer for computer customer care, DVI, and VGA double function of graphical display card 450 yuan, display data card, Single and double color) 550 yuan, 550 yuan to receive CARDS. ( Can overall synchronous system cost is 1500 yuan / 1 set) 3) Border of the specifications of the species have several: there are 7 cm * 1, standard of aluminum alloy profile cm100 10 yuan/m2, non-standard generally adopts steel structure, stainless steel, aluminum and other decoration. Specifications size with the actual circumstances. Steel frame and the cost of civil engineering which is a comprehensive cost, to calculate more troublesome, need to design the installation drawing in advance, and CAD steel structure diagrams, lists the types of materials used, the quantity and specifications. Civil engineering of artificial and mechanical.
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