Led electronic display price determined by the three factors

by:GKGD     2020-07-05
In some large enterprise or company, often need to purchase more LED devices, but at the time of purchase, found that the price is quite high, exceeded their expectations, so some dissatisfaction. They don't know what are the factors affect the price of led electronic display screen, so choice when it comes to the problems. Here to tell you the main several influencing factors. 1, the influence of the tube core materials. In terms of price of led electronic display screen, the main influence factor is the stand or fall of tube core materials, such as good generally have a higher brightness led tube core, and attenuation is very weak, almost see attenuation, there are enough long using life, color is also easy to form the consistency, the price would be higher. And those common tube core materials to build a display, may be a short service life, easy fault, part of the tube core is often broken, can appear the screen a black a bright. 2, the influence of the price of plug-in. In led electronic display price impact, the price of the plug-in is also very important, because in this screen plug-in interface has very much, if you use a good plug-in interface, natural overall price is much higher. If use cheap plug-in interface, may plug number have no security, and will be used many times has the problem of poor contact, the display will have a discount, so the led electronic display price expensive, plug-in quality is guaranteed. 3, the use of the control system. Using LED equipment, a good control system is a must, good system can make better control the refresh rate, display effect is also more fully, gray and more balance, energy consumption will be lower. The price of this system will also affect the price of led electronic display screen. LED display; Indoor full color full color LED display; LED prices; LED electronic screen
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