LED electronic display products aging test

by:GKGD     2020-05-08
The emergence of LED electronic display screen has made people an opportunity to access to information is more and more convenient, also added more advertisement information channels, to today's high-tech development in information age has brought earth-shaking changes. But we found the LED electronic display in the application process will often appear this kind of problem, namely the screens used in the first time can normal work, but after using a period of time, the screen will appear dim light, flashing, fault, the phenomenon such as intermittent bright, brings serious harm to products. But shenzhen LED electronic display manufacturers terence today the key to explain the inevitable factors, that is the aging display: first of all, the aging test is an important guarantee of reliability of LED electronic display products, and each piece of display when completed, had to go to a program, if without aging display, both indoor and outdoor or monochrome, double color and full color, are all substandard products. And after aging LED products can improve efficiency, and help to late use of efficiency and stability. And aging test in product quality control is a very important link, in many cases, but often overlooked, unable to properly aging effectively. LED aging test is based on product failure rate curve is a response to the characteristics of bathtub curve, in order to improve the reliability of products.
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