LED electronic display purchasing the misunderstanding

by:GKGD     2020-04-06
A, issued by the life of 100000 hours of LED electronic display manufacturers technical data show that the service life of LED lights is ideally 1 O thousands of hours. Ideal refers to in the condition of laboratory zhongheng pressure constant current LED light from light to full light time, 1 O hours at 11 years. How much a bucket of water is determined by the lowest boards, LED advertising display currently used for grade other device, the service life of not more than eight years. As the function of display is to watch, when the screen lit only at night to see clearly is unable to say when it is qualified, has the use value. A car can drive 1 5 years, if the idle for 3 years the scrap. The environment and method of using a great influence on the life of the product. Second, comply with the national standard LED display general specification for the 1995 ministerial standard. Since there are many companies claiming to meet the national standard, after 8 years in the development of science and technology then look at the time of the standard, is not the standard. Say is out of control point, the national standard for three over ten thousand to phi is 3. 75 indoor double colors display screen as an example. Standard 640 x480 resolution display do you usually do for 7 square meters, per square meter of 43264 points, according to the national standard can have 90 out of control points. Such display in who will pay for today. Three, all free software LED electronic display industry generally exist the common fault of the Chinese companies - — Production not only research and development. At present, only a few companies have licensed software. Now it is illegal to use pirated. Four, low price to see whether the price performance ratio rather than price. Five, outdoor full-color displays and gray level as double colors gray level is an important index. Currently on the market is filled with many levels 1 6 and 64 grayscale display as gray level 256. Its control costs only 1/5 of the 256 grey level control. The simplest way is to play a more intense playground VCD see below LED advertising screen can see clear. Six, want to buy will be the best purchasing power from the need, satisfy the needs and has certain advance. Blind pursuit will waste a lot of money to buy the function that they don't need.
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