LED electronic display screen classification knowledge

by:GKGD     2020-04-21
A, the definition of the LED Light Emitting Diode is LED English Emitting Diode. With high brightness, vision far, image is clear, bright colors, good stability, low power consumption, high photosynthetic efficiency, long service life, etc. Second, the sort of LED display is 1, the display color can be divided into the single color ( Red or green) , double colors ( Red, green) , three colors ( Red, green, blue) 。 2, according to the display performance can be divided into graphic screen, synchronous display screen, market ( Screen, including securities exchange rates screen, kanban, security card factory, etc. ) 3, according to the luminescent material points: (1) module ( Used for indoor screen) : according to the luminous point diameter can be divided into Ф 3. 0毫米,Ф3。 75毫米,Ф4。 8mm、Ф5. 0毫米,P2。 5、P3、P4 P5、P6第七页。 62, etc. (2) modules and pixel tube ( For outdoor screen) : according to the point spacing can be divided into PH8mm, PH10mm, PH16mm, PH20mm, etc. (3) digital tube ( For market display) : the point spacing can be divided into 1. 2 inches, 1. 5 inches, 1. 8 inches, 2. 3 ', 3. 0 inches, 4. 0 inches, etc. 4, according to use environment points: can be divided into indoor screen, screen and half outdoor outdoor screen. Third, the role and application of LED display, LED display, 1 with display text, graphics, animation, quotations and TV, video, etc. Have various editing and broadcasting functions. 2, screen is widely used in financial, tax, electricity, transportation, telecommunications, medical and health system and government organs, stadium, industrial and mining enterprises and so on all walks of life. Four, the constitution of the full color LED display, and the schematic diagram of LED display screen + control system + related software, peripherals, frame structure and decoration construction. In 1923, ms rousseff ( 洛森。 o. w) In the research of semiconductor SIC impurity P - N junction of light emission, worked out the light-emitting diode ( 领导:发光二极管) , has not been seriously. With the rapid development of electronic industry, in the '60 s, display technology has been developed rapidly, people study the PDP laser display, plasma display panel, LCD liquid crystal displays, light emitting diode LED, electrochromics ECD, electrophoretic display EPID, and other technology. Because of the semiconductor production and processing technology gradually mature and perfect, light-emitting diodes (leds) has been increasingly dominant in solid displays. Leds are widely attention and got rapid development, because it itself has a activities, a lot of advantages. In the early 80 s, with the development of the computer, the CGA display mode appeared, it has 320 * 200 resolution of 4 kinds of color, display in only 10 years has experienced CGA, EGA, SEGA, VGA, SVGA, to the development of ultra-high resolution, display precision from 320 to 1600 * 1250 * 200 development, from 4 kinds of color to the 32 bit image, scanning frequency from 15. 7 k to 150 k. Display is the working principle of signal from the receiving host back into the light in the form of a displayed, along with the development of people need a big screen equipment, then had the projector, but its brightness can't be used in the natural light, so the full color LED display ( Screen) It has a large Angle, the characteristics of high brightness, colour is gorgeous. full color LED display has been widely used in sports venues, large screen display system can live games and the score of the match, time, highlight replays, etc. ; In the transportation industry, can display the road running situation; In the financial industry, financial information can be, real-time display, such as stock, exchange rate, interest rate, etc. ; In the business of posts and telecommunications systems, can show the customers notice, news, advertising and so on. According to the survey, two-thirds of the information people receive information is through the eyes. Display technology is applied in industrial production, military, medical units, the public security system and even the aerospace industry and other fields of national economy, social life and military, and plays an important role in display technology has become an indispensable in modern human social life. Relevant search: full color LED full-color LED display screen
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